Your Financial Future

These are challenging times for physicians and hospitals. One - if not THE biggest - challenge you face is getting paid properly for what you do. And, those financial demands seem to come from everywhere!

You may feel insulated and immune to the financial issues facing your industry today. We're here to give you a word of warning.

If your compensation is tied to your billing and reimbursement levels, "be prepared" for the next years. You need an ally to help you plan for and defend you during these challenging times. That's Professional Management, Inc. (PMI)!

You Need Assistance If:

  • Managed care companies are regularly denying your claims, but you can't figure out why.
  • You have large balances from certain payers.
  • You aren't collecting all that you are rightfully owed.
  • Your cash flow and AR are out-of-control.
  • Your coding has never been Audited.
  • You are uncertain as to how new regulation and compliance issues affect your physician billing.
  • Compliance is something you have heard about but have not seriously considered.